Whitton Lane

Bondi Junction

Whitton Lane

22 Spring Street, Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia

From $858,000
  • From $858,000
  • From $1,554,800
  • From $2,178,800

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Project Details

Whitton Lane delivers the promise of a limited number of apartments on a personal scale with the guarantee of quality that you’ll immediately and always appreciate. Scrutiny will reveal architectural details and a craft of materials and design that’s both familiar and refreshing. Your neighborhood has a texture of personal urban spaces with a refreshing choice of open space, cafes, and shops, all filled with the promise of tomorrow in a vibrant new neighborhood. The building has been conceived on a foundation of contemporary design and heritage context that gives each apartment a unique sense of personal space and style. Goals that are greatly enhanced by simple touches you might not immediately notice. Like having two sets of elevators and discrete foyers, one with access via Spring Street, and the other from Oxford Street.

Personable urban spaces with cafes and shops creating magical places filled with community and the promise of tomorrow.
Transforming the streets into vibrant new neighborhoods.
There’s a terrific mix of shops, cafes, and restaurants altogether in a refreshing and creative way.

Bondi Junction is an area inspired by urban-cool, with splashes of creativity mixed with great open spaces and just 15-minutes from Bondi Beach. This combination is unique and it’s Sydney’s new, international neighborhood.